Lala Feeds Drone #1 to the Muses

10 Jan

Lala Feeds Drone #1 to the MusesContrary to belief that the Lala Laboratory had been shut down, Lala releases photographs of her latest art experiment: What happens when we feed a Drone to a Muse?

The Lala laboratory is where Lala Drona collaborates with other Drones and conducts controversial research on Muse inspiration extraction.  Lala’s controversial methods have always included Muse abuse, but why has she now decided to turn on her Drones?Close-up

Last month, Lala Drona banished Drone #1 from The Lala World due to a breach of contract:

Drone Code #1: Drones will be loyal to Drones, Drone will be loyal to Lala.

Lala has since filmed herself ceremonially burning Drone #1’s name tag: a symbol of his expulsion from The Lala World.

When Drone #1 abandoned the project, Lala said she would, “feed Drone #1 to the Muses.”  However, in a statement released yesterday morning, Lala stated, “I originally said it as a joke, but then I thought of the possibilities.  What kind of inspiration could be produced if a Muse ate a Drone?  …Drone #1’s banishment would not be in vain.”

Drone #1's Name tag.  Burned in youtube video.

Drone #1’s Name tag. Burned in youtube video.

Lala is still waiting for conclusive results from the Drone-Muse experiment, but says that results produced so far have both “amazed and shocked” her.  Journalists everywhere are keeping an eye on Drone web forums in hopes of finding reactions to Lala’s new experiment.  Have they accepted the brutal removal of their Drone comrade?  Or has Lala gone too far this time?  Stay tuned as we uncover more secrets from within the Lala Laboratory.

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