Who is/are…?

In the Lala World, there are many characters to remember.  Here’s a quick list of some of the recurring members.

Who are the Drones?

We Want You! ...to be a Drone.This is the name Lala has given to those that support and collaborate with her and/or follow her story.  Lala’s Army of Drones is constantly recruiting new soldiers to assist Lala Drona in her art experiments.  These experiments are conducted in the Lala Laboratory and usually pertain to Muse inspiration extraction research.  Lala Drona, the Art villain does not have super powers per say.
Her power lies in her team, her army of loyal Drones.  Once recruited, all Drones follow a code:  Drones will be loyal to Lala, Drones will be loyal to Drones.  See how Lala has handled disloyal Drones in the past here.

See more about the Drones under Queen of Drones.



Who are the Muses?Muse sweatshop.

There is a general consensus in the art community that an artist needs a muse.  Lala Drona is taking  this idea even further. She’s infamous for her maltreatment of muses and also for her  unconventional tactics in extracting their inspiration.

Articles related to Muses:

Muses on Strike

Lala’s Maltreatment of Muses

Muse Sweatshop Discovered

Lala Gives Tour in her Defense

Convicted of Muse Abuse

Lala Drona Jail Interview 2014



Who is Shutupi?

Shutupi behind the curtainShutupi is a photographer with a missing finger who follows Lala Drona and her entourage.  He documents Lala’s projects and all around journey.  Read the Shutupi Origins here.





Who is the Art Guild?

Art Guild LogoThe Art Guild is the authority on art legislation.  They are responsible for passing laws that protect and serve the art community.  The Art Guild are responsible for sending Lala to Paris Art Prison.  Often referred to as “The Authority.”


Lapa Trona

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 19.03.13Lapa Trona is Lala Drona’s “adoptive” parent.  She encountered Lala for the first time at a Muse auction where she decided to buy her.  Lala first made mention of Lapa Trona in her L.D. Times Jail Interview in 2014.  Not much is known about the relationship between Lala and Lapa, but we do know that Lapa gave Lala Drona her name and served to help her develop as an artist.  If you’d like to know more about Lapa Trona, check out her interview on The Penelope Show.



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