Performance/Video Art

Here you’ll find an updated feed on Lala Drona’s videos.  To see all videos, visit her website or follow her on Youtube.

28. The Female Frame | La Cité des Arts Paris 2019

Lala Drona inspires others to question the origins of our daily images through her research into topics concerning “le regard” (the gaze). Filmed by Mathieu Mieleszko at the Cité des Arts in Paris at the Bienvenue Art Fair 2019. To read more, visit…
Film by Mathieu Mieleszko
Music by Sim Hutchins

27. Willing, 2019, Performance Art Video, 7m18s

The performance art video “Willing” examines desire, choice, and notions of consent.  Read more here.

26. Live Performance at Le Castel in Paris

Lala Drona performs her piece “Experiment 88: Speak or Listen” at Le Castel in Paris, France. It was her debute performance in french (the video subtitled in English) and takes place in Lala Laboratories, where a team of experts specialize in Inspiration implementation and extraction methods. This piece recounts the experience of one artist, Jade Edwards, who visits the laboratory in search to improve her artistic skills/method. To read more about the video, see the article here.

25. Gravity (2019

Lala Drona teams up with artist/poet Jamika Ajalon in a spontaneous reflection on the topic of Gravity.

24. The Beard (2019)

The sixth video in the series “La Minute Ladrona” (The Stolen Minute), “The Beard,” covers topics in beard history, linking beard trends to the different waves of women’s liberation. Lala Drona unpacks the contemporary and metaphorical beard in a playful and enigmatic way.  To see more, read the article here.

23. The Box Performance (2019)

The Box was projected onto a wall, alongside other paintings during my exhibition “The Box” in Gothenburg, Sweden. It gave the impression that I was on the wall, inside a canvas, just like my other paintings.  Click here to see a clip of the installation.

22. The Box (2018)

A performance art video by Lala Drona: “The Box,” delves into our online relationships—It explores our voyeuristic tendencies and examines how we interact though our digitally constructed realities.

21. Lalatina (2017)

Growing up as a Venezuelan-American, Lala Drona expresses her own personal experience of being a cultural and racial mix, una Lalatina.

20. The Blank Canvas (2017)

American-born painter, Lala Drona talks about new beginnings as she arrives in Beijing, China.

19. La Rupture (2017)

Inspired by that moment of rupture we all encounter in life.  See the article here.

18. The Physical (2017)

17. Narcisse Obligé : Lala shows in collective exhibition (2016)

16. La Politesse (2016)

Lala Drona performs for the first time in French, exploring the idea of good manners in the form of poetry.  See the article here.

15.  The Penelope Show- Ep. 3: Muse Pink (2015)

The Penelope Show: Special guest, Muse Pink. Penelope explores the idea of the “modern day muse” in this interview.

14.  Lala Drona at collective Exhibition “Je suis…” 2015

Lala shows her latest triptych “Je suis la fin qui justifie les moyens” (I am the end that justifies the means.)

13. Drone Birth (2015)

After a successful exhibition opening, Lala Drone rushes back to the Lala Laboratory to help her newborn Drones into existence.

12. Tape Monster (Short film 2015 by Lala Drona)

Artist Lala Drona off-handedly creates a monster from scrap pieces of tape used in the painting of her self-portrait.

11.  The Penelope Show: Episode 2- Lapa Trona (2015)

Out from the shadows comes Lapa Trona, the maternal figure of art-villain Lala Drona. This exclusive interview reveals another side of Lala that art world has not yet known.

10. Experiment 8: Lala Feeds Drone #1 to Muse

After a breach of Drone Code, Lala banishes Drone #1 from The Lala World.

9. Exhibition “FROM THE BED TO THE LAB” by Lala Drona covered by video-journalist Karim Mouici. (Dec. 2014)

8. “Don’t Retouch This” Campaign (Nuit Blanche 2014)

Last night before Paris’ Nuit Blanche (an artistic event that lasts all night once a year) Lala Drona posted a behind the scenes look at the preparation for her performance “Don’t Retouch This.”

Internet Drones everywhere started buzzing and met up with Lala later that night for the debut of the artistic campaign.  She was spotted around Paris asking passer-byes to hold a sign saying “don’t retouch this” over a part of their body they didn’t think was perfect.  The idea was to denounce the unobtainable ideal of perfection the media sells…and to accept ourselves the way we are.

Read the rest of the article here:

7. SCANDAL:  Lala fakes sleep-hypnosis video to steal donations.

See the article here.

6. Lala Spotted at Vogue Fashion Night Out in Paris

5. Lala Trespasses and Gives Falsified Tour

In order to deter the authorities and prove her innocence, Lala Drona invites journalists visit the “Lala Laboratory.”  In reality, Lala was trespassing with journalists onto private property and falsifying the location of her secret lab, resulting in a short stay in Paris Art Prison.

4. Muse Sweatshop

A story involving the torture of Muses.  Torture perpetuated by an artist we all know very well.  It was Lala Drona who used Muses as test subjects in research for her new mechanical hand.  See more.

3. Sneak Peek of the Lala Laboratory

With construction of the Lala Laboratory underway, Drones everywhere are trying to get a closer look.  Lala releases a video as a sneak peek at what will be the Lala Lab.  Critics say that the notebook in the video represents the Lala Laboratory… all of Lala Drona’s big ideas in the notebook are to be made reality in the Lala Laboratory.  Music The Big Dream by David Lynch.

2. CAUGHT!  Lala caught for the first time during her artistic process.

Lala was found chanting her own name and painting a doll.  Has she gone insane?

1.  Lala Drona and the ancient art of hand dancing:

The art of Hand Dancing has been passed down from generation to generation in Lala Drona’s family, originating in the Amazons of Venezuela.  Some native Amazonian tribes still practice this custom in mating and religious rituals. Music by Optomistic.

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