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Before the End: Lala Drona’s Art Opening

8 Jan

Finally back in the limelight, Lala made an appearance at the Paris Before the End fine arts exhibition opening, co-headlining with other up and comers such as Frog and street art photographer Shutupi.  Fans awaiting Lala’s arrival flooded the inside of the contemporary gallery located in the 12th arrondissement.

Lala in front of two of her pieces. Left, "My Blackberry Doesn't Work Here." And right, "The U Très Fermée."

Lala in front of two of her pieces. Left, “My Blackberry Doesn’t Work Here.” And right, “The U Très Fermée.”

Lala was not spotted inside the gallery until about midnight.  Rumors say she waited in a car behind the building for hours, with co-artist Shutupi.  It is unknown what the two artists did inside, some say plotting while others assume more illicit acts.  Upon arrival, Lala perused the room, seeming to watch the spectators that watched her paintings.  She refused interviews from all except one source with whom she agreed to answer all questions with faces.

When it was time to present her work, she cleared her throat and stood in the middle of the room.  She held her champagne thanked everyone for coming, and began:

 “I really hope people don’t over-think this stuff.  Contemporary art over the years has become completely over-thought.  So conceptual…so intellectual to the point of stupidity.  Art shouldn’t only be for those who study it, but accessible to everyone.  It’s all about communication when it comes down to it, right?  I mean, there is a message there, but…(pause)So go ahead and ask me what I meant to do with these colors or forms, but honestly, it’s all about what story they are telling you.”  

Lala (right) answering interview questions in faces.

Lala (right) answering interview questions in faces.

She ended with a hiccup before she was interrupted by a man’s voice.  “Cops!”  Shutupi ran into the circle and quickly escorted her out the back door, the two of them giggling.  She bowed and thanked everyone on her way out, and most seemed quite unimpressed by the antics.  Fans begin to lose faith due to the indifferent nature of Lala’s return to the public eye and art collectors begin to lose interest.  Will this put the success of Lala’s plans in jeopardy?  Or is this an attempt of self-sabotage in order to escape the art world all together?

Based on a fact.

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