The Lala Laboratory?

Lala Feeds Drone #1 to the Muses

The Lala Laboratory is an underground layer (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) where Lala, muses, fellow artists and Drones conduct art experiments.

The laboratory’s location is currently unknown.  After various reports of Muse Abuse, authorities have opened an investigation to find it.  Since the investigation, Lala has falsified a laboratory tour in order to divert the authorities, resulting in a short stay in Paris Art Prison.

Video by Lala Drona, released as a sneak peek to what will be the Lala Lab.  Critics say that the notebook in the video represents the Lala Laboratory… all of Lala Drona’s big ideas in the notebook are to be made reality in the Lala Lab.

If you’d like to know more about the Lala Laboratory, please visit:

The Lala Laboratory

Sneak Peak of the Lala Laboratory

Lala Gives tour in her defense

Scandal: Muse Sweatshop Discovered

Convicted of Muse Abuse

Lala’s Latest Experiment: Lala feeds Drone #1 to the muses


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