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Update on Progress: “Sexe Sans Sex” Series

28 Sep

Looks like Lala’s beginning a new series, the idea “sex without sex.”   Preview of this project in development.

Lala’s Dark Past: Vegan Supersize Me Challenge

21 Sep

Before/AfterScandal!  Photos of Lala emerge after a Vegan Supersize Me Challenge she participated in four years ago.

As fans already know, Lala started dedicating her life to avoiding fleshy food at 15 years old.  Since then, she has dabbled in veganism, and even attended the above vegan challenge.  The challenge took place in Viña del Mar, Chile where the artist was exiled for one year.  The rules of this challenge are simple.  You have a group of individuals and everyday for one week, you have to eat vegan.  But here’s the catch:  Every time someone finds something on a menu that is vegan, he/she can make another eat it.  If one denies food, he/she is out of the running.  Therefore, teams spend the year preparing, finding all vegan-option restaurants in the area in order to conveniently pass by with competitors.Vegan Supersize Me Challenge

Apparently, Lala lost this challenge.  She did not even make it to the top ten.  Rumors have it, the artist has fallen off the wagon since these pictures were released, too depressed to eat anything resembling a vegetable.  When reporters asked about her vegan or veggie status earlier this week, she responded, “Let’s just say I’m a good vegetarian, but a really bad vegan, okay?!”

Still no Lala to be seen, but rumors have it she is back in Paris, and has actually locked herself into her house since the release of the photos.  Others think she is working on a new series, and that is why she refuses to leave.  Based on a Fact will keep you posted on Lala’s endeavours.

Based on a Fact, Laura Johns, Connecticut Institute for the Blind

Has Lala Sold Out?

11 Sep
Translation:  The #1 dating site for "something on the side."/ Dare. Bite. Taste.

Translation: The first extramarital dating site made by women./ Dare. Bite. Taste.

Even though Lala has escaped the allure of Paris, fans seem to be seeing her everywhere, but not at all where they expected.  In Paris, billboards of internet dating sites have been emerging left and right.  The recent boom has also elicited a trend of sites advertised to married couples, to have “extra-conjugales” relationships, meaning “something on the side.”  Some may believe that a celebrity would not be caught dead with their face on such a controversial advertisement.  However, Lala stares back at us, a temptress with an apple in hand.Lala advertisement close-up

So why did Lala agree to do the advertisement?  When contacted by Based on a Fact, she stated, “I wanted to make people think, react.  I had a very strong reaction to the topic, and could not get the idea out of my head.  I try not to run away from things when I’m scared.  I take them head on because there is something interesting to find in that fear.  I take it and I eat it.”

It is true that Lala’s presence in the advertisement does create a bit more of a dialogue about the topic.  This advertisement exposes the holes in our traditions, and the backlash forces people with a point of view on the topic to be more opinionated, stronger in their conviction.  The truth is, whether this advertisement is up or not, people will still be finding a way to do the same thing.  The image simply makes us confront what is happening in our everyday world. As Lala said in a former interview, “In our technologically driven world, more and more options will be put in front of us.  Now, more than ever, we get to choose kind of the people we want to be.”

Despite Lala’s attempt to explain her artistic process behind the advertisement, fans are still wondering if Lala has simply sold out.  According to her financial struggle this past year, traveling and staying outside of Paris does not seem feasible.  Perhaps Lala has just done the advertisement to fund a eurotrip?  Fans faithfully await, hoping not to be disappointed by Lala’s next move.

Based on a Fact

Lala Painting Porn at the Park

5 Sep

Caught PaintingLala look-alikes have been reported all over Europe since Lala’s disappearance last July.  Many say she simply went French and took the entire month of August off.  However, once photos surfaced of Lala in Berlin, Germany, Based on a Fact booked a flight to catch up with the artist.StreetArt tour

Based on a Fact met with Lala in a Berlin park where she was painting a new, rather risqué art piece, inspired by a graphic novel by Manara.  When asked about her abrupt decision to travel to Berlin, Lala replied,  “I felt like I needed to get away from Paris and all its Disneyland-like wonder.  Leave the dream and lick the floor, if you know what I mean.”

Graffiti Paparazzi, Berlin

Graffiti Paparazzi, Berlin

Lala gave Based on a Fact a personal tour of the city where she explained some of her favorite pieces.

ROA, Berlin

ROA, Berlin

ROA, a Belgian street artist was among a few.  Lala explained that ROA travels to cities around the world and depicts the animals that are indigenous to that immediate region.

Based on a Fact was pleased to be invited to a stencil workshop with Lala where she and fellow street artists

Stencil workshop

discussed techniques from stencil making to graffiti/building repelling.  “I came to learn, to exchange ideas with other artists.  Berlin is a city in motion, always changing.  It feels like anything is possible here.  It’s electric and real.  Like the slogan says, poor, but sexy.”

Word still not out on Lala’s next move.  The artist seems to have fallen in love with the underground city.  Will she return to Paris?  Based on a fact will keep you updated as we await Lala’s decision between wine and beer.

Terra Feldman, Los Angeles for Based on a Fact

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