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Lala’s Surprise Goodbye

14 Jul

            InvitationLate, on the night of July 13th,  Based on a Fact received an online invitation to Lala’s surprise goodbye party.  Apparently, Lala sent the invitations to all the guests at 10pm the same night of the event.  The party was at the local fire station in the 94.  When firefighters were approached with the artist’s decision, they wanted to help.  “We thought, why not have the party at the station?  Where we keep the trucks.  It would be perfect,” stated Antoin Faubert a local fireman.

Lala poses with local firemen

Many were there to celebrate with Lala, however due to the late notice; some guests were not able to attend, possibly burning a few bridges between Lala and Paris.  Rumors say that some think Lala has gone too Diva.  Expecting everyone to drop their arrangements for hers. Others say it was a surprise party, so it’s cool.

But the real question is why is Lala leaving?  And for how long?  Has bad media coverage finally gotten to her?  Some deeper cutting rumors ask if the artist is retiring.  Perhaps Lala couldn’t cut it in the art world?

Lala dancing to song "I am whatever you say I am."

Lala dancing to song “I am whatever you say I am.”

Based on a fact will have updates before Lala’s sudden departure.

Update: Lala Stays

4 Jul
Lala spotted waiting for the train in central Paris.

Lala spotted waiting for the train in central Paris.

Sources reveal that Lala Drona has officially extended her visa in order to stay in France.  A close friend of Lala’s, one who wishes to remain unnamed, tells Based on a Fact about the artist’s plans.  “This doesn’t mean she’s going to stay in Paris, just that now she has the option of staying.”

Rumors about the artist’s financial situation say that Lala couldn’t leave even if she wanted to.  Lala is even said to have picked up a second job teaching English as a Second language around Paris.  Others have spotted her hauling around large canvases of her work hoping to liaise with local galleries.  Hopefully Lala continues to be “all-business” and stays out of trouble.

We’ll keep you updated on what happens next.

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