The Breast Series?

"Dr. Royal," by Lala Drona.  Self-portrait named after Lala's reconstructive surgeon.   Acrylic on canvas, 40x50cm

“Royal,” by Lala Drona. Self-portrait, Acrylic on canvas,

Before settling in Paris, Lala lived in the moment, traveling the world as a gypsy.  However, staying in one place caused a series of self-reflection.

The Breast Series is inspired by Lala’s past, a medical procedure resulting in Lala having one real breast, and the other breast an implant. Lala studied images of herself and other women’s breasts, and sat hours in front of a mirror in order to face and overcome her demons.

As an artist, I needed to face my demons and release them onto the canvas.  That way, I would be able to move on and explore the exterior world.” Lala says.

This series made it possible for Lala to turn the mirrors away from herself and onto the outside world.  Her analysis of the outside world and Parisian society begins in the series Sexe Sans Sex.

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