What is BOAF?


About BOAF“Representation is difficult for an artist to find.  So what’s an artist to do but create her own?”  -Lala Drona

Based on a Fact is dedicated to publicizing news about Lala Drona and her entourage.  The site releases weekly updates based on the world of the artist (The Lala World.)  We accept articles and information from the public regarding The Lala World, including but not limited to scandals and information leaks.  This is not to say that we only publish shocking material, but to emphasize that our selection process is unbiased.

Based on a Fact publishes articles about Lala Drona, Muses, Drones and members of the Art Guild.  These articles include newstories, updates on Lala’s art progress and exhibition/event information.

If you would like to send us a story or if have any questions about The Lala World, please email us at drona.lala@gmail.com

If you would like to send a dronation, we would most appreciate that here.  Support our artists!

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