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Lala Drona Escapes Cops after Fred le Chevalier’s Opening

8 Oct

Lala EscapesA night of art mayhem has thrown the Lala Drona back into the limelight.  Our story begins when Lala is spotted at Fred Le Chevalier’s art opening in Paris.  The art opening was greatly anticipated and crowds of trendy, alternative art-types showed up to view these romantically dark and brilliant pieces concerning love, fear and death. Fred le Chevalier Witnesses say Lala came alone and seemed quite desperate to find someone to talk to.  Pauline Guersant, an art collector at the show remembers Lala at the party.  “She looked quite anxious.  Trying to talk to anyone about the art that would listen.  I think she ended up talking to DAKO because he has a kind ear.”  Another source states that it looked like Lala and DAKO actually seemed to have been getting along, toasting champagne and laughing.

Lala Drona with DAKO (left) and Fred le Chevalier (right).

Lala Drona with DAKO (left) and Fred le Chevalier (right).

Calling out EP13

Lala’s unfinished stencil next to EP13’s call-out to her.

However, Lala’s new friend DAKO (a prominent street artist emerging from Berlin) might have just become her greatest enemy.  After the art opening, the two street artists were seen leaving together.  Later that night, a disturbance was reported to the department 94 police.  Destruction of private property.  Apparently DAKO and Lala decided to send a message back to another street artist EP13, who had written Lala’s name on the same wall.

Lala and DAKO interrupted by cops before finishes piece.

Lala and DAKO interrupted by cops before finishes piece.

The police arrived before they could finish.  Although Lala escaped, DAKO was apprehended, but not without a fight.  Crowds watched as DAKO took down four French policemen before he was finally subdued when four additional officers arrived on site.  Although rumors suggest bad blood between the two street artists, according to Police Chief Nicolas Monteau that will not be a problem.  “This DAKO character will be deported as soon as I am able to finish the paperwork,” he quotes.

Fans will continue to keep an eye out for Lala during the next week as she continues to try to immerse herself into the alternative art culture of Paris whilst working on her own projects.  Be sure to check next week for another Lala update.

Based on a Fact

Lily Garrison, Journalist at EZVoyage

Update: Lala in Urgent Care

24 Feb
Lala Drona in urgent care.

Lala Drona in urgent care.

Lala Drona was checked into the urgent care unit of Hospitalier Pitié-Salpêtrière at 10:45am last week with a mild concussion and a fracture on her lateral incisor.  Sources say Lala entered the hospital accompanied by three others.  Witnesses describe Lala crying and mumbling, “Merci, merci,” to everyone that passed.

We were able to get a quote from a member of her entourage.  “She was walking.  She missed a stair, and she fell.”  Lala’s hands were trapped in her pockets, so her face was the first to impact the concrete, leaving a bloody puddle where her fans are now leaving get-well cards and flowers.  Fliers made by Lala’s followers are being passed around the city, in search of Lala’s chipped tooth.

Turf wars

Is Lala over-stepping boundaries in the 94?

Many question how the accident really occurred.  Recently, it has been released that Lala Drona was rejected from the national school of fine arts in Paris.  Is Lala lashing out in violent ways?  “Turf-wars” have also been at high-tension currently in the 94, placing Lala as a target for gang related violence.

Lala in Subway, days after accident.

Lala in Subway, days after accident.

However, we were lucky enough to catch the artist in the subway.  When we asked her about the ordeal her only response was, “You should see the other guy.”

Based on a fact.

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