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Lala off the wagon again

3 Jun

Does Lala need to go back to artist rehab?  New stencil inspired by her own paintings.  Photos released of the artist back on the aerosol.

First showing since art rehab! Success!

21 May
Lala Drona before opening.

Lala Drona before opening.

At the base of Montmartre, Lala stands with the smokers and chills out after a successful art opening.  The night is calm, and the air chill enough to lure art enthusiasts into the small bar where Lala has presented her work for the first time since released from art rehab.  Art talksExplains piecesSamantha Bait, a well-known Parisian art appreciator commented on the exhibition.  “The story (behind the paintings) becomes more emotional and full of life as Lala Drona explains her work… I expect to see more paintings, a way to discover her.” Many others were also surprised by how personal the content was.  Abstract realism, women’s bodies, and no heads.  One, a self-portrait of the artist, a story about her medical history.  The colors illuminated the bar and impacted many of its onlookers.   Lala explains

Based on a Fact had a moment to catch up with the artist and asked her why she chose such a personal subject matter.  She responded, “I’m an artist, so everything I’ve experienced is sort of on blast for the rest of the world.  What is art but another way of telling stories?  And who wants a half-finished story?  It’s like, sorry readers, but the author was too chicken to write the whole story, so you might not understand it with its missing pieces.  I think I’ve told every embarrassing or frightening story I’ve ever had in my paintings.  Or at least, that’s one of my goals.”

"U" Tres Fermee

Although the last metro had ended, many stayed at the bar, sharing, talking and drinking.  “I had a great time.  Lala surely knows how to turn a bar into a place full of emotions with her beautiful paintings.  I’ll surely keep an eye on this artist,” said Amine B., CEO of Mazian.

Based on a Fact would like to thank everyone for participating in this special showing of Lala’s work.  For those who would like another chance to speak to the artist about her work, there will be a small showing Thursday May 30th at the Botak Café.

Botak Café

Botak Café

Based on a Fact

Recent work

22 Mar

Most Recent by Lala Drona:

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Interview: Lala Drona

17 Mar

Between projects and after calamity, Lala agrees to an interview with Kathy Walder, journalist from the LD Times.

K:  So Lala, how is Paris treating you?

LD:  There’s good people, bad people.  Just like everywhere, really.

K:  Any specific exhibitions going on right now in Paris that you’d like to comment on?

LD:  Sometimes I feel like the entire contemporary art scene is a total mess, but I’m sure that’s what many contemporaries thought of their time.  Besides that, I’m looking forward to going to an exhibition at the Maison Rouge that is displaying only artists “under the influence.”  I think it sounds pretty tubular.  The Dinosaur exhibition at the History Museum—not good.  It was three floors of stuffed exotic animals and I couldn’t actually tell if the animals were taxidermies or not.  I was in some bizarre zoo graveyard, looking at specimens.  Your kids might cry.  Don’t go.

K:  What about the “setbacks” you’ve recently been experiencing?

LD:   Oh you mean breaking my face…or being an art school reject?  Or maybe that I’m in the middle of a cultural mecca where it seems like the only option for studying art is if it’s applied.  Design.  It’s fine and all, it’s just my objective is a bit different from the applied arts.  I already have a job, a way to eat.  That’s not what I’m searching for.

K:   And are you okay after the accident?  I mean, everything looks good.

LD:  (laughs) Yeah, I’m fantastic.  I mean, the way I see it, every artist has an ego.  Maybe mine needed to be kicked down a notch (mumbles) my art school rejection letter helped with that.  Through this whole experience, I’ve realized that I find freedom in the loss of vanity.  Accidents are blessings.  I felt like I was finally wearing who I am, on my face, for the very first time.

K:   And what now?  No art school, and you’ve missed deadlines for admissions, not to mention your visa is running out.  Any plans to accept defeat and move on to another country?

LD: This place doesn’t want me, fine. I like a challenge.  I’m staying until I’m done here.

Based on a fact by Kathy Walder, LD Times

Strike 2 in the 94: Shutupi Leaks Photos

2 Mar

Looks like Lala Drona isn’t letting her recent accident keep her down.  Just ten days after, Lala is photographed tagging the 94.  Street art photographer Shutupi leaks photos.

Update: Lala in Urgent Care

24 Feb
Lala Drona in urgent care.

Lala Drona in urgent care.

Lala Drona was checked into the urgent care unit of Hospitalier Pitié-Salpêtrière at 10:45am last week with a mild concussion and a fracture on her lateral incisor.  Sources say Lala entered the hospital accompanied by three others.  Witnesses describe Lala crying and mumbling, “Merci, merci,” to everyone that passed.

We were able to get a quote from a member of her entourage.  “She was walking.  She missed a stair, and she fell.”  Lala’s hands were trapped in her pockets, so her face was the first to impact the concrete, leaving a bloody puddle where her fans are now leaving get-well cards and flowers.  Fliers made by Lala’s followers are being passed around the city, in search of Lala’s chipped tooth.

Turf wars

Is Lala over-stepping boundaries in the 94?

Many question how the accident really occurred.  Recently, it has been released that Lala Drona was rejected from the national school of fine arts in Paris.  Is Lala lashing out in violent ways?  “Turf-wars” have also been at high-tension currently in the 94, placing Lala as a target for gang related violence.

Lala in Subway, days after accident.

Lala in Subway, days after accident.

However, we were lucky enough to catch the artist in the subway.  When we asked her about the ordeal her only response was, “You should see the other guy.”

Based on a fact.

Before the End: Lala Drona’s Art Opening

8 Jan

Finally back in the limelight, Lala made an appearance at the Paris Before the End fine arts exhibition opening, co-headlining with other up and comers such as Frog and street art photographer Shutupi.  Fans awaiting Lala’s arrival flooded the inside of the contemporary gallery located in the 12th arrondissement.

Lala in front of two of her pieces. Left, "My Blackberry Doesn't Work Here." And right, "The U Très Fermée."

Lala in front of two of her pieces. Left, “My Blackberry Doesn’t Work Here.” And right, “The U Très Fermée.”

Lala was not spotted inside the gallery until about midnight.  Rumors say she waited in a car behind the building for hours, with co-artist Shutupi.  It is unknown what the two artists did inside, some say plotting while others assume more illicit acts.  Upon arrival, Lala perused the room, seeming to watch the spectators that watched her paintings.  She refused interviews from all except one source with whom she agreed to answer all questions with faces.

When it was time to present her work, she cleared her throat and stood in the middle of the room.  She held her champagne thanked everyone for coming, and began:

 “I really hope people don’t over-think this stuff.  Contemporary art over the years has become completely over-thought.  So conceptual…so intellectual to the point of stupidity.  Art shouldn’t only be for those who study it, but accessible to everyone.  It’s all about communication when it comes down to it, right?  I mean, there is a message there, but…(pause)So go ahead and ask me what I meant to do with these colors or forms, but honestly, it’s all about what story they are telling you.”  

Lala (right) answering interview questions in faces.

Lala (right) answering interview questions in faces.

She ended with a hiccup before she was interrupted by a man’s voice.  “Cops!”  Shutupi ran into the circle and quickly escorted her out the back door, the two of them giggling.  She bowed and thanked everyone on her way out, and most seemed quite unimpressed by the antics.  Fans begin to lose faith due to the indifferent nature of Lala’s return to the public eye and art collectors begin to lose interest.  Will this put the success of Lala’s plans in jeopardy?  Or is this an attempt of self-sabotage in order to escape the art world all together?

Based on a fact.

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