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Lala’s new series: egomania or altruism?

3 Jan
"Geeden" by Lala Drona.  Inspired by blog article found here.

“Geeden” by Lala Drona. Inspired by blog article found here.

After the completion of “The Breast Series” and the series “Sexe Sans Sex,”   Lala presents her upcoming series The Lala World. This series is inspired by the fan blog “Based on a Fact” where fans and journalists release fictionalized updates on the artist’s adventures.  Each article on the blog is written with a bit of truth mixed with lies.  Lala has decided to begin painting this world to create a mirror effect, reality reflecting the virtual and visa-versa.  The artist has decided to unite all forms of her artistic expression (painting, creative writing, photography and video) and is committing artistically to this new universe.

Critiques question if this is simply proof of the artist’s extreme self-involvement.  The first two paintings depict the artist almost religiously: In the piece titled Beecoming Lala she is depicted as queen bee, and in both of the new pieces, there is a halo around Lala’s head.

On the other hand, some critics ask if this new series is a grand gesture of selflessness…an attempt to create an alternate world in which other creative-types can co-exist.  “If the world’s rules don’t fit you, create your own world,” Lala stated during an exhibition interview with L.D. Times.

"Beecoming Lala" by Lala Drona.  Inspired by the image found on the blog website background.

“Beecoming Lala” by Lala Drona. Inspired by the image found on the blog website background.

Whether this is an act of egomania or altruism, Drones and Muses everywhere stand strong, awaiting the artist’s upcoming projects.  What’s to become of Lala Drona this year?  Keep following as she spreads her wings and continues to recruit Drones and Muses from all around the world.

Based on a fact

Lala off the wagon again

3 Jun

Does Lala need to go back to artist rehab?  New stencil inspired by her own paintings.  Photos released of the artist back on the aerosol.

Interview with Lala Drona’s mother

19 Dec

Interview taken place December 17th, 2012 at 12:00PM Mountain time, in the home of Lala Drona’s mother.  She requests her name remain anonymous.

Q: Are you still in contact with Lala?

A: Yes,I am.

Lala (right) with brother (unidentified).

Lala (right) with brother (unidentified).

Q:  Lala is quite the character.  How did you raise her?

 A:  I let her think for herself and make her own decisions, with a lot of love and support.  Family for me is very important, and I taught Lala to hold these values close to her.  Our family is small, but it is strong.  Friends and other artists have made up her extended family.  She would do anything for them.

Q:What was Lala like as a child?

A:  She told stories all the time as a child, and I let her.  I remember her performing surgeries on Barbies because she wanted to be a doctor for a while.  At about 3 ½  years old, she had already decided that painting was her favorite thing to do.  She was very creative and had her own mind.  I remember watching her begin to paint outside the lines of her coloring book and telling her to stay in the lines.  She responded, “Mom, I’ve known for a long time now that I am supposed to stay in the lines.”  And even today she continues to color outside the lines.

Q: As a teen?

A:  It seemed like she was always sort of…some kind of counselor to her friends.  She loved helping people in trouble.  As a teen, she was a teen she was always a leader.  She never really had a best friend, but would go in on two best friends instead, to keep her independence I presumed.  She went in and out of depressions, as every angsty teen does.

Q:  Did she ever get in trouble?

A:  Yes, she got in a bit of trouble here and there.  One time, when she was about 13 years old, she stole some hard alcohol with a friend, and drank entirely too much, landing her in the emergency room.  But that is Lala, always having to experience for herself.  I recall another time when a neighbor caught her garage shopping for beers when she was about 15 years old.  (Garage shopping is driving around the neighborhood with friends and looking for open garages so that someone can walk in and steal some beers.)  I ‘m pretty sure she is very embarrassed about it now…shhhh (she laughs)

Lala Drona (left) (Halloween, 1995)

Lala Drona (left) (Halloween, 1995)

Q:  And friends?  Did she have a lot?

A: She had really bizarre friends, the kind you find on the streets it seemed like.  Sometimes dirty, crazy colored hair, but they were all good people as far I could see.  Everyone looked at them weird, but I understood them to be artists.  Misfits, that didn’t want to pretend they were just like everyone else.  They expressed themselves in their own way, and that way, no one expected them to act like everyone else.  Which I’m sure was liberating.

Q: And her father?  We didn’t find much about him.

A: He was a good father to her.

Q: Why does Lala move around so much?

A:  Because she is a butterfly.  Ella es una mariposa.  She is looking for a secret to take from and give to humanity.  She wants to find her art in other people…different cultures.  She always said it was funny that she just expresses and displays other people, their experiences, and they call it art.

Q: Do you have a good  relationship with Lala?

A: Yes.  Lala Drona and I are very close.  She has always opened her heart to me and has always supported and helped me.  However, sometimes she is a bit headstrong with her ideas, which can be difficult to deal with in relationships, but that is also what makes her great as an artist.  Her belief in her vision.  Either way, she always means well.

Photo Lala's mother gave us from about 2 years ago.

Photo Lala’s mother gave us from about 2 years ago.

Q: Is it hard for you to live so far away.

A: She is my friend.  It breaks my heart, but caged butterflies do not live very long, so I let her go with a smile.

Q:  If you could pick three words to describe your daughter, what would they be?

A: Creative, gutsy, sensitive.

Q: And everyone is dying to know.  What does Lala have mind for her next project?  Why is she tagging neighborhoods in Paris?

A: Now, that, I can’t say.  You have to wait and see.  But I can tell you one thing.  It is a long term project.  Patience is key.

Based on a fact.

Interview by Alice Thornton, L.D. Times.

Has Lala Gone Too Far?: comment on Lala’s tag over celebrity street artist

9 Dec

After seeing Lala’s tag over Stik’s piece, I was pissed.  I thought,  she approves this message?  Who is she to approve STIK’S message?  I was super raged, and then I remembered that I really didn’t know what Stik’s message was.

Lala Drona Scoping out Stik.

Lala Drona Scoping out Stik. London, England.

I think Lala is reminding people that we need to ask questions.  We cannot keep taking our surroundings for granted.  Because of her tag, which is still an eye sore (although, a necessary one), I was pushed to research the once homeless street artist and read up on his stick people (not stickmen according to an interview with the Sabotage Times).  Now I have a completely different view of these stick people, and another appreciation for street artists of all kinds.

Based on a fact.

-Comment submitted by Tanya Richards, Student,  London

Lala Drona Approves Stik's message.  London, England

Lala Drona Approves Stik’s message. London, England

Lala Drona Caught Blue Handed

26 Nov

At 4am this morning, authorities in the 94 charged Lala Drona with vandalism.

Lala Drona caught “blue handed” in department 94.




















Lala, was caught blue-handed spray painting a stencil on the side of a building.  “It’s almost like she wanted to get caught.” Officer DuPont  describes how Lala stuck out like a sore thumb, sporting a bright pink beanie and yellow scarf over her mouth and nose when she was found.

Officer DuPont comments on the interesting placement of Lala’s tags, directly adjacent to preexisting graffiti images and messages.  “It’s unclear if Lala is challenging already declared graffiti territory, or supporting her fellow artist community.”  Residents in the 94 have noted a rise in vandal behavior since the arrival of Lala Drona.  Young artist groups, thinkers and bohemian-types alike, have seemed to coalesce overnight.  Small protests and demonstrations have hinted something larger to come for the 94, and Lala seems to be at the heart of it.

It is still unknown what these charges will mean for Lala Drona.  Sources say that this could mean expulsion from the country, but DuPont assures us that Lala will probably be let off with about 40 hours of community service.

Based on a Fact.

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