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Has Lala Gone Too Far?: comment on Lala’s tag over celebrity street artist

9 Dec

After seeing Lala’s tag over Stik’s piece, I was pissed.  I thought,  she approves this message?  Who is she to approve STIK’S message?  I was super raged, and then I remembered that I really didn’t know what Stik’s message was.

Lala Drona Scoping out Stik.

Lala Drona Scoping out Stik. London, England.

I think Lala is reminding people that we need to ask questions.  We cannot keep taking our surroundings for granted.  Because of her tag, which is still an eye sore (although, a necessary one), I was pushed to research the once homeless street artist and read up on his stick people (not stickmen according to an interview with the Sabotage Times).  Now I have a completely different view of these stick people, and another appreciation for street artists of all kinds.

Based on a fact.

-Comment submitted by Tanya Richards, Student,  London

Lala Drona Approves Stik's message.  London, England

Lala Drona Approves Stik’s message. London, England

Lala Drona Caught Blue Handed

26 Nov

At 4am this morning, authorities in the 94 charged Lala Drona with vandalism.

Lala Drona caught “blue handed” in department 94.




















Lala, was caught blue-handed spray painting a stencil on the side of a building.  “It’s almost like she wanted to get caught.” Officer DuPont  describes how Lala stuck out like a sore thumb, sporting a bright pink beanie and yellow scarf over her mouth and nose when she was found.

Officer DuPont comments on the interesting placement of Lala’s tags, directly adjacent to preexisting graffiti images and messages.  “It’s unclear if Lala is challenging already declared graffiti territory, or supporting her fellow artist community.”  Residents in the 94 have noted a rise in vandal behavior since the arrival of Lala Drona.  Young artist groups, thinkers and bohemian-types alike, have seemed to coalesce overnight.  Small protests and demonstrations have hinted something larger to come for the 94, and Lala seems to be at the heart of it.

It is still unknown what these charges will mean for Lala Drona.  Sources say that this could mean expulsion from the country, but DuPont assures us that Lala will probably be let off with about 40 hours of community service.

Based on a Fact.

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