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ART UPDATE: the show must go on.

15 Feb

Despite muse difficulties, Lala continues to work on series “Sexe sans Sex.”  

Lala Gone WILD: out of the cocoon and into Berlin

17 Jan

Pant-less in Berlin

            Drones everywhere are wondering, has Lala gone mad?  Her recent stay in Berlin has caused quite the buzz, many wondering if her failed attempt at her December Cocoon has sent her into a downward spiral.  Lala has been spotted, dining with different anonymous men in the same night, salsa dancing with women in after-parties, and also half-naked on the Berlin metro.

On a Berlin subway train, one of our sources caught Lala removing her trousers.  “I was like, whoa, that’s Lala Drona reading a subway map.  Then I was like, whoa, that’s Lala Drona taking off her pants while reading a subway map!  I thought she was crazy until I saw everyone else doing it.”  Apparently, Lala was joining a movement where people come together and take off their pants on the metro.  Why?  Well, there is no official answer to that, but apparently, it is a concept that is sweeping the world.

Lala meets Pancho on crowded Berlin subway train.

Lala meets Pancho on crowded Berlin subway train.

When Lala was able to break away from the press, she found a seat next to a masked man, also pant-less on the subway.  Richard Bird, a photographer for the Morggenpost states that “Lala began talking to the masked man, something serious despite them not wearing pants.  After hearing some young girls scream his name from the other end of the train, I realized it was the infamous Pancho Panoptes, a very “now” Berlin artist.”  Sources say the cameras surrounded the two artists until they made a break for it and were spotted chatting next to the River Spree.Strange rendezvous'

Apparently Lala talked to many others on her trip to Berlin.  She was spotted deep in conversation with three different men.  As if that was not bizarre enough, she was also holding their hands in the same intimate matter.  The icing on the cake is that Lala was later found dancing salsa with women in a Berlin club.  Is Lala dating around?  Or are these also artists with whom she is collaborating? Perhaps she’s really just gone mad.

Dancing in the club The last possible reason for Lala’s extreme behavior could be that although she failed to complete the December Cocoon, she is still leaving it a transformed butterfly.  Lala is currently collaborating with Based on a Fact to remodel the site and add a space dedicated to her Drones.  She’s added a facebook and flickr page, and seems to be revamping her look.  Some have spotted Lala wearing a black wig and cane.  This perhaps to hide her identity, or perhaps the beginning of so sort of image transformation.

Either way, Lala has Drones standing still, some with their jaws dropped and others with a smile, but all waiting for this rapidly changing artist’s next move.

Based on a Fact

Sara Compts, Journalist for The L.D. Times

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