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Has Lala Gone Too Far?: comment on Lala’s tag over celebrity street artist

9 Dec

After seeing Lala’s tag over Stik’s piece, I was pissed.  I thought,  she approves this message?  Who is she to approve STIK’S message?  I was super raged, and then I remembered that I really didn’t know what Stik’s message was.

Lala Drona Scoping out Stik.

Lala Drona Scoping out Stik. London, England.

I think Lala is reminding people that we need to ask questions.  We cannot keep taking our surroundings for granted.  Because of her tag, which is still an eye sore (although, a necessary one), I was pushed to research the once homeless street artist and read up on his stick people (not stickmen according to an interview with the Sabotage Times).  Now I have a completely different view of these stick people, and another appreciation for street artists of all kinds.

Based on a fact.

-Comment submitted by Tanya Richards, Student,  London

Lala Drona Approves Stik's message.  London, England

Lala Drona Approves Stik’s message. London, England

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