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Out of Rehab and Out of Cash

7 May

Lala OutAfter Lala’s last few run-ins with the local 94 police, she admitted herself into Le Tableau Vierge, a rehabilitation center located in the outskirts of Paris.  The orderlies commented on Lala’s participation, saying she was “surprisingly well-behaved,” and “actually quite a pleasure to have, despite the image painted by the media.” Games in Rehab

Rumors stir about financial struggle after Lala’s accident last February (medical bills) and other negative media hits.  No well-respected galleries are accepting the young rock-and-roll-image artist.  Many wonder if  this is why Lala is exhibiting her work at a small local café in Montmatre this month.  TherapyThe LD Times theorizes that perhaps the young artist feels as if she has sold out in Paris, and is taking control of how her work is exhibited, something that has been impossible thus far in her career with established galleries.

Either way, it looks like Lala Drona might need some help.  This is why Based on a Fact will be accepting donations to help Lala stay in Paris and to help her continue with her art.  Keep art alive, and keep Based on a Fact up and running.  Anything helps!   

Based on a fact.

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