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Halloween Special: Lala’s Breast Implant Haunted. Needs Removal.

29 Oct
Lala Drona Breast Implant Ghost

Hauntings take place in houses…Sometimes objects can even house dark spirits or entities.  On Friday the 23rd of October, Lala Drona announced that she would be having surgery to remove her left breast implant and undergo a mastectomy.  To the press, Lala Drona released a statement saying:

“It has been 16 years since my operation to correct my left-breast agenesis.  When I was 15 years old, the doctors thought it was best to augment the left breast in order to match the right breast which developed.  I have no regrets.  However, the breast implant is too old, and I am left with a choice:  to undergo the same operation…or to remove the breast implant and reduce the right breast to match it.  I choose the ladder.”

Lala Drona continued on to explain why.  She talked about her research into the health effects of silicone in the body, and the inevitability to be forced to have another surgery in order to replace the implants once again.  She mentioned the maintenance of having to see doctors every year to survey the implants in case of a rupture.

“I don’t want a life framed by my breasts.  I want to be free, and I’m willing to give up the right one if it means I can move on, and live a healthier life.”

unfinshed painting by Lala Drona year 2017

Although the speech was moving, journalists of the L.D. Times decided to dig further.  They found that Lala Drona was using this story to cover up something much more sinister.

Strange and violent events began to take place around Paris.  A woman on a subway train, stopped at station Pont Marie, scratched her face until the bone was exposed.  She kept saying, “I don’t want to be pretty anymore.”  

Then, near the Cite des Arts, where Lala Drona had her last exhibition, a man was found smashing the bottom part of his legs with a large rock of concrete.  His legs were already quite thin, so it didn’t take much to remove all the flesh.  Rumors said that he kept repeating: “I can’t get my calf muscles to grow.”

The final event had taken place in a bus.  A woman broke a window abruptly, and used a glass shard to cut the fat off of her stomach, repeating: “They say, take it off!”  She was wrestled to the ground, and luckily, she survived.

Investigative journalists found that all of these events had one thing in common.  Lala was there.  She had been walking near the Cite des Arts, when the man began smashing his legs with a rock of concrete.  Below Lala walking on the street, the subway train containing the woman who scratched her face to the bone had stopped at station Pont Marie.  The bus with the woman who tried to cut off the fat from her belly had also stopped nearby.  

Lala Drona

When confronted by journalists regarding the bizarre coincidences, she allowed her partner Drone No.1 to come clean for her.  He told the crowd that recently they had found that Lala Drona’s breast implant was haunted, and that although they would not be able to disclose the means in which they would have to neutralize the  threat, they would be taking care of it, and that everything would be handled by November 1st.

The process or procedure the Drones and Lala would take to relieve her body of the haunting… that, we do not know.  However, we do know that her medical operation is not scheduled until February 2021.  This means that the Lala will have to find a way to either live with the dangerous spirits inside the implant, or find a way to calm them.  One way or another, she will have to house them, in her chest, through the winter.

To see more about Lala Drona’s breast experience and art, watch the video below, or check out her website http://www.laladrona.com

Artists Use Lala as Muse

13 Mar

Muse album cover...allegedly calling out to Muses and Drones.

Muse (the band) new album cover…allegedly calling out to Lala’s Muses and Drones.

Lala Drona has stolen inspiration from artists time and time again.  However, with The Lala World catching wind, artists from around the world are starting to put her in the muse seat.

Sebastian Errazuriz

Lala has been documented saying that she is a “big fan” of artist/designer Sebastian Errazuriz.  However, some of his pieces reveal that Lala Drona could have been more than just a “fan” of Sebastian’s.  In his series of shoe designs “12 shoes for 12 lovers,” Sebastian Errazuriz creates 12 high-heeled shoes, each inspired by a lover.  Next to each shoe, he writes an anecdote revealing a bit about each relationship.

Comparing image of Lala with text from Sebastian Errazuriz's text from "12 shoes for 12 ex-lovers" series.

Comparing image of Lala with text from Sebastian Errazuriz’s  “12 shoes for 12 ex-lovers” series.

Shoe #4, Laura “Heartbreaker” has set off Lala alarms everywhere.  Errazuriz has designed a red shoe inspired by an ex-lover with one real breast, and the other breast, an implant.  In the Breast Series, Lala Drona exposed her chest consisting of both a natural breast and a breast implant.  But perhaps, Lala Drona was not the only artist inspired by her unconventional bust.  This begs the question, were Lala Drona and Sebastian Errazuriz more than just art world compatriots?  Perhaps they knew each other a bit better than they have led on.  Or perhaps this art world encounter is just an incredible coincidence, and Sebastian’s “Laura” is not “Lala” at all…

Muse (the band)

Even the highly successful band Muse is jumping onto the Lala World bandwagon, as the cover of their new album Drones (to be released in June 2015) seems to be inspired by the Lala World.  The image contains both Muses and Drones, the two great pillars of Lala’s artistic community.  Lala’s loyal army of Drones assists her in art experiments, researching Muse-inspiration extraction methods.  Muses serve to inspire Lala, but due to her controversial artistic process, some Muses have left the Lala Laboratory with accusations of Muse Abuse and Torture.  Those accusations may be true, but this album cover seems to label the Muses as an entity above the Drones.

Lala’s latest experiment where she feeds a Drone to a Muse has caused many to question the once assumed hierarchy between Drones and Muses.

Fans leave message on Subway advertisement for Lala.

Fans leave message on Subway advertisement for Lala.

For some, claims that the band Muse could be reaching out to The Lala World might seem far-fetched.  However, other Lala World fans have caught on to the reference, adding special messages to Lala on subway advertisements.

Based on a Fact

A special thanks to Drone Vibe and Drone Santiago, who acquired these pieces of inspiration.

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