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Update on progress: More from “Sexe Sans Sex”

15 Oct

Sexe sans sex continued...Lala continues working on her “Sexe Sans Sex” series.  This series asks the mind to fill in the blank.  The two styles depicted in this series are abstract and figurative…all sexual in nature.  The mind fills in the information easily with the figurative images, which in turn evokes a strong reaction from the viewer.  Nothing is hidden from the viewer and it is his/her mind that fills in the information to make sense of it.  Despite the popularity of the highly anticipated project, some critics are quite put off by the pieces, saying they are “tasteless, pornographic and easy.”  Other critics are excited and intrigued by the sudden change in theme and style,  “We’ve never seen Lala do something on the lighter side.  I feel so far she is doing quite well balancing between the profound and the trashy,” states art critic Emilio Sande.  When asked by Based on a Fact, Lala simply put her hands up and said, “There is nothing pornographic about these pieces.  You could make up any story you want to make sense of these images.  Your mind sees what it wants to see.”

Three canvases, each and abrstract depiction of "female."

Three canvases, each an abstract depiction of “female.”

Although the figurative pieces can stand on their own, their juxtaposition to the abstract pieces is what really makes this series interesting.  Despite their more strongly pornographic nature, the onlooker is fooled into staring at the abstract paintings for longer periods of time, feeling comfortable among nonsensical blobs and other forms.  “It’s very interesting seeing their different reactions,” Lala comments on peers seeing her new pieces for the first time.  “I feel like I’m learning more and more about my own series the more I hear others react to it.”

Lala continues to work hard in order to try to stay out of trouble.  She projects to be finished with the series by March 2014.  For now her agent is negotiating the next venue where she will show her work.  More updates to come…

Based on a Fact

Lala has created a monster!

9 Jun
I come in peace

Lala’s new piece “I come in peace.” An abstract expression of female and male, almost destroyed by paper goblin.

            This morning, Lala was spotted speaking to the 94 authorities outside of her apartment.

Paper goblin

Paper goblin

Lala claims to have created an art-hungry goblin that now lives inside her apartment and has an insatiable taste for stencil paper and masking tape.  Local authorities arrived to the scene just ten minutes after receiving Lala’s phone call.  Officers left the building chuckling about the endeavor.  “

It really was a cute little monster,” said town councilman Frederick Sosa, who accompanied the authorities.

Paper goblin attacks!

Paper goblin attacks!

            Lala stated that she is not quite sure why the monster came to life.  “I didn’t do anything different.  I put the used paper and tape in a pile, like I always do when I work.”  Lala recollects hearing strange crumpling noises before seeing the monster devour all the paper and tape in sight.  “That thing ripped the paper and tape straight off of the canvas!”

            The authorities did not find the paper goblin to be a threat, so decisions on what to do with it fall on Lala.  When Based on a Fact asked Lala what’s to come of her new-found friend, she said, “He’s got guts.  I think I’ll let him stay.”

Based on a Fact

First showing since art rehab! Success!

21 May
Lala Drona before opening.

Lala Drona before opening.

At the base of Montmartre, Lala stands with the smokers and chills out after a successful art opening.  The night is calm, and the air chill enough to lure art enthusiasts into the small bar where Lala has presented her work for the first time since released from art rehab.  Art talksExplains piecesSamantha Bait, a well-known Parisian art appreciator commented on the exhibition.  “The story (behind the paintings) becomes more emotional and full of life as Lala Drona explains her work… I expect to see more paintings, a way to discover her.” Many others were also surprised by how personal the content was.  Abstract realism, women’s bodies, and no heads.  One, a self-portrait of the artist, a story about her medical history.  The colors illuminated the bar and impacted many of its onlookers.   Lala explains

Based on a Fact had a moment to catch up with the artist and asked her why she chose such a personal subject matter.  She responded, “I’m an artist, so everything I’ve experienced is sort of on blast for the rest of the world.  What is art but another way of telling stories?  And who wants a half-finished story?  It’s like, sorry readers, but the author was too chicken to write the whole story, so you might not understand it with its missing pieces.  I think I’ve told every embarrassing or frightening story I’ve ever had in my paintings.  Or at least, that’s one of my goals.”

"U" Tres Fermee

Although the last metro had ended, many stayed at the bar, sharing, talking and drinking.  “I had a great time.  Lala surely knows how to turn a bar into a place full of emotions with her beautiful paintings.  I’ll surely keep an eye on this artist,” said Amine B., CEO of Mazian.

Based on a Fact would like to thank everyone for participating in this special showing of Lala’s work.  For those who would like another chance to speak to the artist about her work, there will be a small showing Thursday May 30th at the Botak Café.

Botak Café

Botak Café

Based on a Fact

Exhibition Opening: Paris, 210 days

13 May

Here we goThis Friday May 17th at 7pm, Based on a Fact presents Lala Drona’s first exhibition since leaving art rehab.  These last 7 months in Paris, Lala has escaped paparazzi attacks, fought with the homeless, had run-ins with the police, been investigated for participation in a zoo jailbreak, got into turf wars with neighboring graffiti artists/gangs, has fallen on her face and broke her tooth, rejected from art school, arrested and out of rehab and still continues to stay in Paris despite the disaster it has come to be.  “It’s been quite a storm,” she quotes to the L.D. Times.  “Hopefully one day I’ll say it was the perfect storm!”

Based on a Fact

Lala Vernissage

Exhibition Information: May 17th at 7pm

Botak Café (Montmartre)

1 Rue Paul Albert

75018 Paris


Lala still in art rehab: Some pieces released

28 Apr

Recent work

22 Mar

Most Recent by Lala Drona:

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Interview with Lala Drona’s mother

19 Dec

Interview taken place December 17th, 2012 at 12:00PM Mountain time, in the home of Lala Drona’s mother.  She requests her name remain anonymous.

Q: Are you still in contact with Lala?

A: Yes,I am.

Lala (right) with brother (unidentified).

Lala (right) with brother (unidentified).

Q:  Lala is quite the character.  How did you raise her?

 A:  I let her think for herself and make her own decisions, with a lot of love and support.  Family for me is very important, and I taught Lala to hold these values close to her.  Our family is small, but it is strong.  Friends and other artists have made up her extended family.  She would do anything for them.

Q:What was Lala like as a child?

A:  She told stories all the time as a child, and I let her.  I remember her performing surgeries on Barbies because she wanted to be a doctor for a while.  At about 3 ½  years old, she had already decided that painting was her favorite thing to do.  She was very creative and had her own mind.  I remember watching her begin to paint outside the lines of her coloring book and telling her to stay in the lines.  She responded, “Mom, I’ve known for a long time now that I am supposed to stay in the lines.”  And even today she continues to color outside the lines.

Q: As a teen?

A:  It seemed like she was always sort of…some kind of counselor to her friends.  She loved helping people in trouble.  As a teen, she was a teen she was always a leader.  She never really had a best friend, but would go in on two best friends instead, to keep her independence I presumed.  She went in and out of depressions, as every angsty teen does.

Q:  Did she ever get in trouble?

A:  Yes, she got in a bit of trouble here and there.  One time, when she was about 13 years old, she stole some hard alcohol with a friend, and drank entirely too much, landing her in the emergency room.  But that is Lala, always having to experience for herself.  I recall another time when a neighbor caught her garage shopping for beers when she was about 15 years old.  (Garage shopping is driving around the neighborhood with friends and looking for open garages so that someone can walk in and steal some beers.)  I ‘m pretty sure she is very embarrassed about it now…shhhh (she laughs)

Lala Drona (left) (Halloween, 1995)

Lala Drona (left) (Halloween, 1995)

Q:  And friends?  Did she have a lot?

A: She had really bizarre friends, the kind you find on the streets it seemed like.  Sometimes dirty, crazy colored hair, but they were all good people as far I could see.  Everyone looked at them weird, but I understood them to be artists.  Misfits, that didn’t want to pretend they were just like everyone else.  They expressed themselves in their own way, and that way, no one expected them to act like everyone else.  Which I’m sure was liberating.

Q: And her father?  We didn’t find much about him.

A: He was a good father to her.

Q: Why does Lala move around so much?

A:  Because she is a butterfly.  Ella es una mariposa.  She is looking for a secret to take from and give to humanity.  She wants to find her art in other people…different cultures.  She always said it was funny that she just expresses and displays other people, their experiences, and they call it art.

Q: Do you have a good  relationship with Lala?

A: Yes.  Lala Drona and I are very close.  She has always opened her heart to me and has always supported and helped me.  However, sometimes she is a bit headstrong with her ideas, which can be difficult to deal with in relationships, but that is also what makes her great as an artist.  Her belief in her vision.  Either way, she always means well.

Photo Lala's mother gave us from about 2 years ago.

Photo Lala’s mother gave us from about 2 years ago.

Q: Is it hard for you to live so far away.

A: She is my friend.  It breaks my heart, but caged butterflies do not live very long, so I let her go with a smile.

Q:  If you could pick three words to describe your daughter, what would they be?

A: Creative, gutsy, sensitive.

Q: And everyone is dying to know.  What does Lala have mind for her next project?  Why is she tagging neighborhoods in Paris?

A: Now, that, I can’t say.  You have to wait and see.  But I can tell you one thing.  It is a long term project.  Patience is key.

Based on a fact.

Interview by Alice Thornton, L.D. Times.

Ambition and Insanity

18 Dec

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” -Narcotics Anonymous

Ambition and Insanity

Lala Drona Relocated to Paris

30 Oct

Now, hiding out in her tiny studio apartment right outside of Paris, Lala dedicates her time to the finer things in life.  ImageAs of right now?  She time travels to a time when she was a little more “Punk By the Book,” dusting off her iTunes top 100 from high school.  She bob’s her head and explains how in high school she kept the “punk rock heart, and left the punk rock look.”

Image  Painter’s plastic covered floor, wet paintings over cardboard, and Lala hovering over with a camera in one hand and a cup of tea in the other.  She sets down her weapons and wipes her hands on her plaid button-up and denim overall ensemble.  “I have a love/hate relationship with routine.  I think that’s why I always leave,” she says, referring to her last relocation (Paris) project.  “The monotony of it all…I just crawl in my skin, ya know?  But at the same time, I find comfort, balance in ritual.”  Lala clicks her black tennis shoes beneath her folded pant-legs.  “I mean, I wear this same exact thing every time I do art.  It’s sort of gross–not the hygiene part, but the relying on something part.”Image

“It (routine) bores the snores outta me, but I need it to survive.  I’m pretty sure.”

Lala continues with new projects and dreams about realizing old ones.  What’s next for Lala à Paris? Well, she doesn’t know, so how the hell would we?

Based on a fact.

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