Tape Monster (Short film by Lala Drona)

22 Aug

Tape Monster FilmMuses and Drones are working hard, and Lala Drona’s ahead of schedule.  The release of her short film Tape Monster has been released 8 days ahead of schedule, resulting in a breach of contract between Lala and her art dealer.

However, where did this monster come from?  Lala claims to have been inspired by an encounter with a paper goblin years before.  It wasn’t until her screenwriting workshop at the EICAR that she created something from it.  Tamera Fellows, journalist of the L.D. Times caught up with Lala and asked about the meaning behind the short film.  “Tape monster is a film about identity.  It’s about accepting your dark side in order to make something beautiful.”  This short film coupled with Lala Drona’s newest triptych has critiques squirming with anticipation.  Tickets to the highly anticipated opening of the collective exhibition “Je suis…” where she and other prominent young artists will be showing their work have been sold out.

Nigel Hopkins, Lala Drona’s art dealer, was quoted to be “THIS close to dropping Lala” after the early release of her short film.  According to their contract, Lala Drona was forbidden to release images of any of the 3 paintings before the art opening takes place.

Putting aside all hostility in the art world, Drones, Muses and fans everywhere are elated to see the video earlier than expected.  Happy to peep through another window into The Lala World.

Based on a Fact


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