Drone X-origin

25 Feb

It all started a year ago. I was in a dark place at that time. I wanted to end my days. That evening, it was cold, like today. I walked to one of the many bridges spanning the Seine. I went through over the parapet, I turned around by setting the darkness that stood before me, and I closed my eyes. I breathed deeply. I was listening to the whisperings of the sleeping city …
Suddenly, a sound took me out of my stupor … it was the “pppppfffffssshhhhh * clack clack * * * pppppfffffssshhhhh clack” of spray paint. I opened my eyes, I looked for the person which made the sound I had heard off the bridge, and I saw … Lala Drona. She was tagging one of the pillars of the bridge accessible from the shore. The world stopped spinning. It wasn’t possible anymore to jump, not possible to descend. Two. Three. Ten minutes … time no longer existed.
Again, a noise made me jump, this time it was a police siren. Lala was quick to complete her work and began to run … in my direction! When she saw me, she threw me a bag full of paint screaming “Catch it!”
I do not know why, but I ran behind her. I was hypnotized. Since then, I am a Drone. She may be a thief, but she saved my life.

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