No Article: muses on strike

25 Jan

Muses on strikeBased On a Fact apologizes for the absence of a Lala Drona article.  A quiet lull has taken over workshops everywhere as at 10 am on January 24th, muses have officially announced that they have gone on strike.  Due to harsh work conditions, low to no-pay and no artistic credit, muses have assembled to fight for visibility and rights within the artistic community.  Muses state that they cannot continue to be the “brains behind the operation” without proper compensation.  Throughout the ages, muses have been exploited for their work, and are currently looking to institutionalize their practices.  Pauline Devenport, a self-proclaimed muse, would like to start her own business, a company that provides inspirational services.  “We would provide “muse” services to companies and individuals.  This means protection and financial compensation for muses’ work.  But first, we have to unionize.”

Since rising up, muses have experienced quite the backlash.  Artists have said that inspiration does not have constraints, that it comes from everywhere.  Whether it be a tree, a sunrise or a conversation with someone.  Many say that the relationship between artist and muse is private and that institutionalizing the idea of the muse will limit artistic expression.   

One thing that this strike has illuminated is that artist and muse are not mutually exclusive.  Artistic activity everywhere is at a standstill while artists sit blankly in front of their projects without their muses.  Artists and muses are set to negotiate muse demands tomorrow afternoon in an online debate.  Whatever the outcome of the debate, an exciting future awaits the ever-changing art community, as muses obtain long-awaited visibility within the art sphere.              

Based On a Fact

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