Lala, a Liar and a Thief.

2 Dec

Copy of Manara

Lala’s sudden switch from visual arts to fiction has stunned fans and confused critics, causing many to take a closer look into the artist’s past.  Many are not familiar with story behind the name Lala Drona.  “La ladrona” in Spanish, means “the thief” (feminine).  Lala’s process of creation is one of theft.  She shamelessly steals from others and creates from those experiences.  “Copying is my way of learning,” she told sources at the last FIAC art fair.  She explains that this is how she was forced to learn given her non-academic artistic experience.


Lala (right) after “accident” last February.

This is just one of the many lies that have surfaced since investigating Lala’s past.  As in former articles, we have found Lala to have been a cheerleader gone bad and a vegan supersize me challenge loser.  On Lala Drona forums, some bash the artist for naming her fans Drones, saying that stealing the tactic from Lady Gaga  is just opportunistic and tacky.  Others on the forums come to the artist’s defense and proudly call themselves Drones, saying maybe it’s time to cheer for the “bad guy”.

In February 2013, Lala released photos of herself after an “accident” where she chipped her tooth.  However, rumors have been questioning the real facts behind this supposed accident that only Lala’s entourage witnessed.  Many question if the accident was really a cover-up for a botched lip augmentation (photo above).

More and more researchers are suggesting that Lala’s attempt to make the chipped tooth trendy was in fact stolen and copied from the character Lloyd Christmas in the film Dumb and Dumber.  The resemblance is too uncanny to just be coincidence.

Dumb and domber

Lala Drona (right)…obvious rip-off of character Lloyd Christmas in film Dumb and Dumber.

Still, many fans hold true to the rising artist despite her seemingly dishonest approach to art.  As time goes, more and more evidence surfaces about a hidden past and possible ulterior motives, but the link between Lala and her Drones holds strong.  This sort of dishonesty may be a perfect storm for an art villain in the making.  Time will only tell whether the artist will find the light, copy until she is able to learn to create from some place pure.  Or, if she will continue to viciously steal and copy, pointing a finger and laughing at those who say, but do not do.

Based on a Fact

Lucy Stewart, Psychology student at the University of Paris- Sorbonne

One Response to “Lala, a Liar and a Thief.”

  1. Mr. X December 2, 2013 at 5:35 pm #

    I know the real story behind the name of Lala Drona!! She revealed it to me, when I met her back in 2010, in an unforgettable expedition to the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Although I will never reveal her story, my honor does not allow me, I will reveal how Lala Drona, also stole something from me.
    When I first met her, she seemed at bit coy. But eventually Lala Drona and I became good friends, at least I thought so. Later on I found out that this so called “friendship”, was just a plot, woven by Lala Drona to steal a picture of me!
    She took this picture of me without my previous authorization. It happened on a sunny summer afternoon, at one of Rio’s beautiful beaches. I thought I saw her take this from me, but given our friendship, I did not want to believe.
    After this incident, slowly but surely, to not raise suspicion, she disappeared from my life. I heard she roamed the city for a while, possibly looking for other victims, then fled to somewhere in Europe.
    But I hope that our paths cross again. I would recognize that face anywhere, and when I see it, I will find out what happened after all these years. Then, just so she knows how it feels, I shall myself, steal a picture of her.

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