Lala Drona Relocated to Paris

30 Oct

Now, hiding out in her tiny studio apartment right outside of Paris, Lala dedicates her time to the finer things in life.  ImageAs of right now?  She time travels to a time when she was a little more “Punk By the Book,” dusting off her iTunes top 100 from high school.  She bob’s her head and explains how in high school she kept the “punk rock heart, and left the punk rock look.”

Image  Painter’s plastic covered floor, wet paintings over cardboard, and Lala hovering over with a camera in one hand and a cup of tea in the other.  She sets down her weapons and wipes her hands on her plaid button-up and denim overall ensemble.  “I have a love/hate relationship with routine.  I think that’s why I always leave,” she says, referring to her last relocation (Paris) project.  “The monotony of it all…I just crawl in my skin, ya know?  But at the same time, I find comfort, balance in ritual.”  Lala clicks her black tennis shoes beneath her folded pant-legs.  “I mean, I wear this same exact thing every time I do art.  It’s sort of gross–not the hygiene part, but the relying on something part.”Image

“It (routine) bores the snores outta me, but I need it to survive.  I’m pretty sure.”

Lala continues with new projects and dreams about realizing old ones.  What’s next for Lala à Paris? Well, she doesn’t know, so how the hell would we?

Based on a fact.

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